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Officers & Key Positions

The Florida Ornithological Society consists of its members and a governing body. The governing body includes Officers, a Board of Directors, Editors, and Committees.


Ann Paul




Mary Mack Gray

Vice President



Judith Milcarsky




Valerie Sparling




Jim Cox



Dr. Marianne Korosy



Heather Levy



Beth Forys



Rindy Anderson



John Hoch



David Goodwin



Scott Robinson, Editor
Florida Field Naturalist
Started in 2005

Allison Cox, Associate Editor
Florida Field Naturalist
Started in 2020

Ann Hodgson, Editor
Florida Ornithological Society Special Publications
Started in 2018

Grants and Awards

Grants and Awards Committee members are appointed by the President.

The Florida Ornithological Society currently has two grants-in-aid of ornithological research:

and one for environmental education with a strong ornithological emphasis:

The awards are set up to be given annually, and separate committees consider applications for different grant according to announced deadlines. These grants and awards are given in memory of one or more individuals important to Florida ornithology. Recommendations of awardees are submitted to the FOS Board of Directors for final approval. In the past, successful proposals have received award amounts ranging from $500 to $3200.

Helen G. and Allan D. Cruickshank Research Award

Beth Forys, Chair
Karl Miller
Todd Engstrom

Helen G. and Allan D. Cruickshank Education Award

Dave Goodwin
Cole Fredricks

Mary J. and William B. Robertson Fellowship Award

Wes Biggs, Chair
David Stock
Michael Brothers
Sally Robertson


The Records Committee shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the President for staggered terms of seven (7) years. No member may be reappointed to the Records Committee until an absence from the committee of at least one (1) year. This committee shall evaluate reports of birds recorded in the wild in Florida and is responsible for updating the scientific record of Florida's avifauna. Material provided to this committee shall be archived to be accessible to future researchers. The committee shall publish its decisions periodically in the Florida Field Naturalist. One or more secretaries shall be chosen by the committee to serve as liaison with the public, the Archives Committee, and the Florida Field Naturalist. The procedures used by the committee in soliciting, evaluating, and publishing reports shall be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The FOS Records Committee consists of seven members appointed by the President for staggered terms of seven years. Terms expire after the spring meeting of the years listed below.

Managing Secretary:
Andy Kratter, Florida Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 11780, Gainesville, FL 32611
Contact the Records Committee

Committee Members
Michelle Davis (2023)
Michael Brothers (2025)
Mitchell Davis (2026)
Larry Manfredi (2027)
Andy Kratter (2028)
John Groskopf (2029)
Open position to be filled (2030)


The Archives Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members appointed by the President. The purpose of the committee shall be to seek and to catalog material it deems relevant to the avifaunal history of Florida or to the history of the Society. The committee shall attempt to arrange accessible housing for such material within Florida, whether or not under the Society's direct control. Archived material under the Society's control shall be available to the membership for research and for other purposes, subject to any rules or guidelines established by the committee. The FOS archives are currently housed in the Special Collections at the University of South Florida Library.

Andy Huse (University of South Florida)., Chair


The Conservation Committee shall consist of at least (3) members appointed by the President for staggered terms of three (3) years. The committee shall track important public policy issues that might impact wild birds in Florida, serve as a clearinghouse for information about the conservation of Florida birds, and recommend specific actions with scientific bases in response to these issues to the Board. Specific actions would need to be reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors.

Peter Monte, Chair
Jim Cox
Ken Meyer
Christopher Ferro
Eugene Stoccardo
Michelle Wilcox
Judith Milcarsky
Ann Paul
Adrienne Fitzwilliam
Todd Engstrom
Heather Levy


The Nominating Committee shall consist of three (3) members. Tthe President shall appoint the Chairman and the Board of Directors shall elect the remaining two (2) members.

Dave Goodwin, Chair
Todd Engstrom


The Finance Committee shall consist of at least three (3) members appointed by the President, none of whom may be related to the Treasurer by blood or marriage. The Treasurer shall also ex officio as a non-voting member of the committee. The appointed members shall serve terms of two (2) years. The Finance Committee shall manage the finances of the Society, shall review the Treasurer's books, records, and proposed budget, and shall advise the Board of Directors on all matters relating to the Society's finances. The appointed members of the Finance Committee shall not be deemed fiduciaries by virtue of their appointment or duties.

David Stock, Chair
Charlie Fisher


A Membership Committee, composed of three (3) members, shall be appointed by the President for terms of three (3) years. This committee shall create and oversee recruitment efforts designed to attract new members to FOS and to retain current members.

Michelle Wilcox, Chair.
Adrienne Fitzwilliam
Dave Goodwin

Editorial Advisory Board

The Editorial Advisory Board, appointed by the President, shall consist of at least three (3) members who shall serve terms of five (5) years. The Editorial Advisory Board advises the President, Board of Directors, and Editors regarding Florida Ornithological Society publications and is the search committee for candidates for the office of Editor of the Florida Field Naturalist and for any other editors or assistant editors of Society publications.

Todd Engstrom, Chair
Karl Miller


Special committee not in by-laws. Appointed by the President.

Bruce Anderson
Ann Paul

Dr. Fran James.
14th president of the Florida Ornithological Society
Past presidents of the FOS have been a mix of professional and amateur ornithologists.

  • • William B. Robertson, Jr. (1972-74)
  • • Herbert W. Kale II (1975-76)
  • • David W. Johnston (1977-78)
  • • William D. Courser (1979-80)
  • • T.H. Below (1981-82)
  • • Barbara Kittleson (1983-84)
  • • Robert Brown (1985-86)
  • • Dave Goodwin (1987-88)
  • • J. William Hardy (1989-90)
  • • Glen E. Woolfenden (1991-92)
  • • Fred Lohrer (1993-94)
  • • Bruce Anderson (1995-96)
  • • Reed Bowman (1997-98)
  • • Jim Cox (1999-2000)
  • • Peter Merritt (2001-02)
  • • Frances C. James (2003-04)
  • • Jack Hailman (2005-07)
  • • Jerry Jackson (2008-09)
  • • Adam Kent (2010-11)
  • • Dave Goodwin (2012-13; 2nd term)
  • • R. Todd Engstrom (2014-15)
  • • Adam Kent (2016-17; 2nd term)
  • • Jim Cox (2018-20; 2nd term)
  • • Ann Paul (2020-present)