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The Tampa Audubon Society and Florida Avian Conservation teamed up in 2021 to start a new bird club, the Florida Young Birders Club, in the Tampa Bay region. There are chapters being formed in the Orlando and Tallahassee areas. The club is for youth ages 9 to 17 and offers monthly field trips to birding hotspots throughout the region and the chance to participate in bird conservation service projects. Although it started in the Tampa Bay Area, the club is open to any interested youth that live in Florida. There are chapters being formed in the Orlando and Tallahassee areas. If you know any youth interested in learning more about birds, bird watching, conservation and environmental careers, this is the group for them! This is an opportunity for young birders to meet other kids their own age and to share their love of birds.

The Florida Young Birders Club is a program of Florida Ornithological Society (FOS) and Florida Avian Conservation (FAC) designed to encourage, educate, and empower our youth conservation leaders. Each month members can participate in field trips to good birding locations in Florida. In addition to field trips and outings, members participate in service projects focused on habitat restoration and conservation projects such as building American Kestrel nest boxes and assisting with shorebird monitoring programs.

We plan to offer at least one field trip a month for members to various birding hotspots or natural areas with unique or imperiled birds, like Florida Scrub Jays and Burrowing Owls. We also hope to expand the club to other parts of Florida and have a one-day mini-conference for young birders (like they do in other states).

If you are an interested young birder or know any young birders in Florida, please direct them to the Florida Young Birders Club Facebook Page for information about outings and details on how to join. They can also contact the organizers via email at fybcmedia@gmail.com or Jim McGinity of Florida Avian Conservation at: jmcginity53@gmail.com. For information about how Young Birders Clubs work, visit the Young Birders Network website.

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Birding Club Membership is $10 per child.

Membership application

Membership Application completion is required with the $10 annual fee to join.

Goals of the Club

•  Create a community for young birders throughout Florida ~ and beyond!
•  Promote volunteering and contributing through service projects
•  Foster an interest in natural history and encourage young people to spend more time outside
•  Introduce young people to career opportunities in the wildlife, research, and conservation fields
•  Connect young birders with adult mentors willing to share their time, knowledge, and transportation!