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FOS Bird Records Species Documentation

Guidelines For Submitting

You are invited to submit reports for evaluation by the FOSRC. Reports should be of naturally occurring new species in Florida, or species known to occur in Florida that the Committee has deemed sufficiently rare or difficult to identify to warrant FOSRC evaluation. Species in this latter group are annotated with an asterisk in the Official State List of the Birds of Florida compiled by the FOSRC; these species should be documented by the observer. All observers are encouraged to submit reports to the FOSRC, including those intended for publication in the Florida Field Naturalist or any other publication.

While in the field, the observer should record a detailed description of all body parts (e.g., bill, legs, and feet, noting size, shape, and colors). Although a specimen or photograph or video and vocal recordings are preferred, a sketch of the bird and vocal descriptions are beneficial. Behavioral traits and the habitat should be described. It is necessary to indicate how all similar species were eliminated (e.g., similar members within a genus), not only those known or suspected to occur in Florida, but also any species that could possibly stray here or possibly escape from captivity. Further information on documenting field observations and preparing a report is available in an excellent manuscript, How to Document Rare Birds, offered on the web site of the Louisiana Ornithological Society.

All observations should be submitted to the FOSRC on the standard documentation form (below). In addition to uniformity, the documentation form provides the Committee and the observer with guidelines to those factors used by the FOSRC for its evaluation. Completed forms with supporting material should be submitted to the Secretary of the FOSRC:

Andy Kratter, Florida Museum of Natural History, P.O. Box 11780, Gainesville, FL 32611

County where the sighting was made

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