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Florida Ornithological Society History

The Archives section of this web site is dedicated to the history of the Florida Ornithological Society.

The following article originally appeared on page 188 of the December 1972 issue of The Florida Naturalist (Volume 45, No. 6), a publication of the Florida Audubon Society:

At Lakeland Meeting 1972 The Florida Ornithological Society, sponsored by the Florida Audubon Society, was established October 14, 1972, at a meeting of more than 100 ornithologists and serious birders held in Lakeland, Florida. The purpose of the new organization is to promote field ornithology and to facilitate contact between those persons interested in birds.

The new Society, under the leadership of Dr. William B. Robertson, Jr., President, plans to publish a journal, The Florida Field Naturalist, which will be edited by Dr. Henry Stevenson, assisted by an editorial board comprised of Allan Cruickshank, Dr. Oscar Owre, Dr. Glen Woolfenden, and Dr. Herb Kale.

Those who attended the Founders Meeting in Lakeland were treated to several outstanding programs. Perry Slocum showed a series of slides of birds encountered in his travels around the U.S. Lovett Williams of the Florida Game & Fresh Water Fish Commission explained several of the commission’s research projects, and John Ogden of the Everglades National Park discussed his research work on the Short-tailed Hawk.

On Saturday evening, Allan Cruickshank presented one of his incomparable programs on the birds of the Bear River Marshes.

The group was led on field trips to Panther Point and Saddleback Creek by Paul Feller and John Edscom.

The Society’s next meeting is scheduled for the spring of 1973 in St. Petersburg. If you are a serious birder and are willing to record and share your field observations of Florida’s birds, plan to join now.

Membership applications may be obtained from Florida Audubon Society, P.O. Drawer 7, Maitland, Florida 32751. $10 charter Memberships will be available until February 1, 1973. Regular membership dues will be $5 annually.

Membership in the Florida Audubon Society is a prerequisite for membership in the Ornithological Society.

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