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Code Of Ethics

Florida Ornithological Society Code of Ethics

     For Nature Photographers and Birders1


  • Treat the birds, wildlife, plants, and places as if you were their guest.
  • Do not disturb birds that are nesting or feeding young
  • Take care not to flush resting or roosting birds – they need their rest, too.
  • Respect local, state, and federal laws protecting birds and other wildlife.
  • Stay on trails to lessen impacts to vegetation and wildlife.
  • Treat others courteously.
  • Report inappropriate behavior to the proper authorities.
  • Limit use of artificial means to attract birds, especially in heavily birded areas.
  • If a bird stops its normal behavior as a result of a birder’s or photographer’s activity, the birder or photographer is intruding and should move away.
  • Ask before joining other nature photographers already taking pictures.

1 Based on codes developed by Tampa Audubon, Audubon of Florida, and the American Birding Association.


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