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Florida Field Naturalist is the journal of FOS, an important communication vehicle for the Florida scientific and birding community. Increasing costs need to be offset with a combination of member dues and contributions. Please consider a donation of $50, $100, $200 or more to FRIENDS OF FFN. Your gift will allow FFN to improve its artwork, including four-color photographs of rarities similar to the one of the state’s first Varied Bunting, published in the February 2006 issue, and other improvements in the content and appearance of our journal.


Contributions to FRIENDS OF FFN will be added to a special endowment of FOS, the interest of which will be used to improve the journal.


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Please write a check payable to the Florida Ornithological Society and specify that the gift is for FOS Friends of FFN. Send the check to:

John Murphy 
766 Alligator Dr.
Alligater Point, FL 32346.

We thank the following individuals for donating to FRIENDS OF FFN:


Murray Gardler


David B. Freeland


Jack P. Hailman

Billi Wagner

Charles Ewell & Arlyne B. Salcedo

Robert & Lucy Duncan

John M. Murphy

Richard L. West


Judith C. Bryan

Peggy Powell

Peter & Victoria Merritt

Jim Cox & Katy NeSmith

Robert Budliger

William Post

David Hartgrove


Brian Ahern